Salon Beauty Treatments

Day Spa Treatments

There aren’t many women that won’t want to look their best at all times – and one of the best ways to guarantee this is by booking a session or two with a local therapy centre. Day Spa beauty treatments range as much in price as they do in type, so choosing one that appeals to you can cost as little as $30, or as much as $300.

The key is to define a budget before deciding on booking a service, but if you are hoping to keep your costs as low as possible, you might be wondering if there are any other options to help you to reduce these fees any further. Fortunately for you there are several, and we’ll be sharing them with you right here in this article!

Choosing the Right Therapist

You might not know this, but therapists don’t charge based on their experience – they actually modify their rates to reflect their qualifications. This means that a therapist of 5 years might charge less than a newly qualified practitioner who has just completed an advanced course in beauty therapy in college. By choosing a specialist with lower qualifications and higher experience, you could end up saving yourself plenty of cash, without running the risk of having your treatment handled by an amateur.

Booking at the Best Time

Although the majority of beauty centres out there will try their hardest to keep their costs as competitive as possible, that doesn’t mean that some will charge higher rates than others at all times. Throw in the peak season and you have the potential for some pretty hefty fees, often for services that aren’t any different to those offered at different times of the year. If you want to save a little money, then you could always choose to have your treatments taken care of during colder months when costs are lower – or at particular times of the day when special offers might be active.

Taking Advantage of Sign-up Discounts and Membership Benefits

There are plenty of salons out there that offer loyalty schemes and membership bonuses, and you might find that you can save an extra 10% (or even 20%) on particular treatments by signing up to become a member. Although you could be expected to pay the same amount each month for the membership to remain active; if you make a point of visiting the salon often, you will easily make your money back. Alternatively some salons might provide discounts for first time customers, so always stay on the lookout for these special deals and promotions.

Group Bookings

One of the most cost-effective ways to enjoy discounted services is by signing up to a package deal, or a group booking. These options are a great way for a few people to come together and enjoy a range of therapies (especially at day spas), but the real bonus is that these features are often offered at a far lower cost than if they were to be undertaken individually. This makes the potential very appealing, and well-worth considering for those hoping to save a little extra cash, whilst enjoying some time with family and friends doing what many ladies enjoy most; being pampered!